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Metal Mayhem ROC Filmmaker /Author Andrew Bennett talks ERUPTION IN THE CANYON: Details of EVH chasing Robbers away from 5150 with an UZI, to impromtu meet-n-greets at the supermarket.

February 18, 2021

Hello Metal Heads. It's Thursday and its time for a brand new edition of Metal Mayhem ROC. Jon "The Vernomatic" Verno and Metal Forever Mark share Part 1 of a 2 part interview with Rock Filmmaker and author Andrew Bennett, author of Eruption in The Canyon: 212 Days and Nights with the legendary Eddie Van Halen.

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A revelatory, fly-on-the-wall collection of photographs and stories documenting Eddie Van Halen at work in his famed but seldom seen 5150 studio, from the 2004 reunion with Sammy Hagar through the 2007 reunion with David Lee Roth.

A fortuitous call from a stranger in the middle of the night led to a once-in-a-lifetime assignment. The stranger was Eddie Van Halen. The assignment, as Eddie related it, was to “capture the truth. Show people how hard I work, because that’s the truth.”

Official website to order  DO NOT USE AMAZON FOR ORDERING !!

Having no idea where this would lead or in what form it might be shared, Andrew Bennett spent portions of the next two years relentlessly documenting everything that occurred inside Eddie’s sanctuary. From rehearsals, recording sessions, and revealing conversations, to vicious arguments, brutal brawls, and a wild heist attempt in the middle of the night. He memorialized every square foot of that sacred space, every piece of equipment, and every guitar—including the beloved Frankenstrat.

Featuring more than two hundred photographs, and accompanied by intimate reflections on what the author witnessed, Eruption in the Canyon presents an incomparable portrait of one of the most revered artists in history.

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