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Metal Mayhem ROC- Best of Edition- Confessions of a concert Audio bootlegger.

July 22, 2021

Good evening Metal Heads. While we enjoy a well-deserved summer 2-week vacation, we are excited to share with you another fun  BEST OF METAL MAYHEM ROC episode .  

Originally aired during the holiday season of 2020, we hope you enjoy this very popular show with professional concert bootlegger "Metal Walt".  I will be back next week with a brand-new show. 

Jon "The Vernomatic " Verno and Metal Forever Mark welcome Metal Mayhem ROC show correspondent "Metal Walt" to the show.  The guys discuss "Metal Walt’s " 30 plus years of following hard rock and heavy metal bands around the world, and capturing their live concerts.

Walt shares what propelled him to start recording concerts, the lessons   learned along the way and the chance meetings with some of his rock Idols.

Metal Forever Mark reminisces with Walt about the times in NYC and hanging out with the HALFORD guys.

Vernomatic goes one on one with Walt on a Epic segment of MT. RUSHMORE of Metal and shares his own concert shenanigans.

All this and more. Enjoy the summer, Stay safe and keep it heavy.

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